Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas sure is an interesting place. A lot of excess for sure, but also a lot of beauty with its surrounding red rock mountains and incredible sunsets. I initially thought a week would be a long time to spend in Sin City but turns out we had so much fun and the week flew by. First off, we scored big with our amazing accommodations, thanks to my co-worker who offered one of  her time share weeks. We stayed in a luxury condo at rates less expensive than what we’ve paid at some of our KOA’s. The complex had 4 pools including a kids pool/spray park. It was at the very south end of the strip so although we were only a 10 minute drive to the action we were far enough away that it was quiet and relaxing. We spent a good portion of our time at the pool over the course of the week but we also ventured to the strip a few times with the kids. Only in Vegas can you watch mermaids swim with fish, enjoy a deluxe buffet and see a volcano erupt all within a few hours! Another day we went to see flamingos and koi fish and rode on The LINQ, the tallest entertainment wheel of it’s kind. Imagine the London Eye, but bigger! Yesterday we celebrated Taio’s 4th birthday. He and I had quite the adventure in the evening on the strip visiting the Excalibur hotel (the castle as T calls it), M&M store, ride on the monorail to the Mirage for another viewing of the volcano eruption, Bellagio water show and then a taxi ride back to New York New York where our van was parked. After 3 hours filled with fun and a heck of a lot of walking, he proclaimed “Mommy, I’ve run out of energy!” What a trooper. It’s going to be tough to top this birthday!

IMG_20141006_141420.jpg IMG_20141006_141446.jpg IMG_20141006_141744.jpg IMG_20141006_141800.jpg IMG_20141006_141934.jpg IMG_20141006_142156.jpg IMG_20141007_164443-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20141007_164904.jpg IMG_20141007_165331.jpg IMG_20141007_171314.jpg IMG_20141007_171324.jpg IMG_20141007_172441.jpg IMG_20141007_172526.jpg IMG_20141007_173214.jpg IMG_20141007_173233.jpg IMG_20141007_173248.jpg IMG_20141007_174502.jpg IMG_20141007_174659.jpg IMG_20141007_180333.jpg IMG_20141009_171247.jpg IMG_20141009_171333-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20141009_171340.jpg IMG_20141009_202143.jpg IMG_20141009_202149.jpg IMG_20141009_202313.jpg IMG_20141009_203112.jpg IMG_20141009_203128.jpg IMG_20141009_203217.jpg IMG_20141009_203340.jpg IMG_20141009_211742.jpg IMG_20141009_211812.jpg IMG_20141009_212005.jpg IMG_20141010_100345.jpg IMG_20141010_212853.jpg IMG_20141010_213230-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20141010_213302.jpg IMG_20141010_213318.jpg IMG_20141010_224151.jpg IMG_20141011_174445.jpg IMG_20141011_174532.jpg IMG_20141011_174604.jpg IMG_20141011_185935-EFFECTS.jpg


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