We spent a lovely 2 weeks in Vermilion, Alberta. It was great to spend so much time with family and for the boys to play with their cousins. In addition to playing at the park, we got to explore the incredible trail system in Vermilion, visit a petting zoo in Lloydminster and even ride on their aunty and uncle’s farming equipment!


IMG_20140903_190853.jpg IMG_20140903_191248.jpg IMG_20140904_135709.jpg IMG_20140904_135910.jpg IMG_20140904_150421.jpg IMG_20140904_150659.jpg IMG_20140905_160056.jpg IMG_20140905_160108-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20140905_161957.jpg IMG_20140905_162910.jpg IMG_20140905_163615.jpg IMG_20140905_163621.jpg IMG_20140905_164107.jpg IMG_20140905_164901.jpg IMG_20140908_130313.jpg IMG_20140908_130325.jpg IMG_20140908_130550.jpg

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