Texas is a big state. Seriously, it takes nearly 15 hours to drive across. I guess that’s why they say “everything is big in Texas!” We certainly did not rush our way across this great state. We had a brief stop in San Angelo, Texas after a fairly long driving day from New Mexico. Even at that point we probably weren’t even a third of the way across the state. We then carried on to the KOA in San Antonio for 3 nights. The campsite was really nice with a terrific pool. The weather was in the mid 30’s so we took advantage and swam lots. We did the common tourist sites such as the Alamo; we took a stroll along the famous River Walk and even went on a river boat cruise. Taio was actually the one to suggest we go. Xavier slept through it all and Taio was over it 3 minutes into the 35 minute cruise. Clinton thought it was a bit lame; but I enjoyed it at least!

San Antonio was also my introduction to Trader Joe’s. Move over Whole Foods, I am smitten with a new health food store! Trader Joe’s is a less fancier version of WF with significantly less expensive organic products.

From San Antonio we carried on to Houston for two nights. We layed low for the most part, spending most of the time at our campsite, the pool and the playground. We did venture to downtown Houston on our last day to visit the Museum of Natural History’s Butterfly Exhibit. I’ve never seen my kids so captivated for so long! They had live insects and interactive games and this incredible section where you could literally watch butterflies emerge from their cocoons and spread their wings for the first time. From there, you enter a rain forest observatory filled with exotic plants and gorgeous, living butterflies and a 50 foot waterfall.

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