Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The world is beautiful in these parts. Wildlife abound, stunning scenery, the ocean, great people, delicious healthy food. As they say in Costa Rica: PURA VIDA!

There will be plenty more pictures to come over the next 3 months, but here’s a taster of what we’ve been up to the last few days. The weather is around 30 degrees and the humidity is 100% so we are slowly acclimatizing…mainly through extra sleep and relaxation! We have gone on a few walks, been two beaches and eaten plenty of fresh fruit and typical Costa Rican food. The kids are having a blast at our hostel swinging on┬áthe hammocks, building blocks and playing with quite possibly the single largest Lego collection I’ve ever seen!

2015-01-23.jpg IMAG8787.jpg IMAG8789.jpg IMAG8790.jpg IMAG8793.jpg IMAG8794.jpg IMAG8796.jpg IMAG8797.jpg IMAG8798.jpg IMG_20150120_164728354.jpg IMG_20150120_164735118.jpg IMG_20150120_164745021_HDR.jpg IMG_20150120_165014754.jpg IMG_20150121_101701721.jpg IMG_20150123_074512760.jpg IMG_20150123_074825516.jpg IMG_20150123_074955319.jpg IMG_20150123_095042022_HDR.jpg IMG_20150123_100659972_HDR.jpg IMG_20150123_101116825_HDR.jpg IMG_20150123_101120366.jpg IMG_20150123_101208462_HDR.jpg IMG_20150123_102410290.jpg IMG_20150123_110157054.jpg IMG_20150123_110834146.jpg IMG_20150123_110844242.jpg