Nuestra Casa Roja

A few more photos of our house and yard, the beach down the road, etc. The random ones of the insects are part of our ongoing education of insect behaviour. These ants are highly organized. At first I was incredibly bothered by the incessant ants in and around our house. While I am meticulous at keeping them at bay in the kitchen and our bedrooms, I have relaxed significantly about them elsewhere. They are doing good work. Necessary work. And really, they aren’t harming us. (physically anyway!) The kids, and frankly the adults too are extremely interested in the goings on of the ants. Upon minutes of an insect dying, the ants are organizing around, determined to find a way to get it back to their colony. And if that isn’t possible, they find another way. For instance, last week a dragon fly died in our laundry area. Obviously, it is far larger than the ants and although they tried to move it, they quickly realized it was not possible. So instead the colony came to feast. For two days, the ants came and went, slowly picking away. I finally swept it outside where I’m sure they continued their work; but at least I didn’t have to look t it every time I went outside. Another time, a bug died and this time the ants were able to move the smaller beetle. It was something to be seen. The ants formed a line, moving the bug along. They then proceeded to carry him up the wall to their nest which I presume resides in the attack space. They got about halfway up the wall before their line began to falter. So they carried the bug back down the wall, formed two lines and succeeded in getting him up the wall. Crazy! So this is how it is, our daily interaction and commune with nature.

IMG_20150214_094931742.jpg IMG_20150214_094936949.jpg IMG_20150214_094941659.jpg IMG_20150214_094947742.jpg IMG_20150214_095000350.jpg IMG_20150216_111816598_HDR.jpg IMG_20150216_111823991.jpg IMG_20150216_111848376_HDR.jpg IMG_20150216_111926836.jpg IMG_20150216_111942414.jpg IMG_20150216_111953441.jpg IMG_20150217_111454851.jpg IMG_20150218_155413623.jpg IMG_20150218_155418248.jpg IMG_20150218_155422853.jpg IMG_20150218_155709893.jpg IMG_20150220_163448265.jpg IMG_20150220_163638156.jpg IMG_20150222_090929985.jpg IMG_20150222_090941986.jpg IMG_20150224_133553504.jpg IMG_20150228_075338790.jpg image.jpg image_1.jpg image_2.jpg IMG_20150303_133736965.jpg IMG_20150303_133749114.jpg IMG_20150303_133831547.jpg