I ❤ Washington State

Ah, Washington what a fantastic time we had. Bowl and Pitcher Campground in Riverside State Park was magnificent. Lovely trails around the shake shake bridge, a “beach” down by the river which provided endless fun for the kids and incredible scenery for me to take in. And just a quick 15 minute drive and not only were we back in civilization, but in downtown Spokane. There were lots of amazing things to see and do, including a gigantic red Radio flyer wagon which doubled as a slide, a gondola ride and a 105 year old carousel. We explored Manito Park which offers a beautiful botanical garden, Japanese Koi pond, playground, a quirky cafe and on that particular day the first ever Kids Renaissance Faire. The kids met real life fairies and elves, a harp player who let the boys strum the instrument and Taio made fairy headbands and a magic wand! The pictures tell a better story, see for yourself!! All in all, we loved Washington State with its awesome landscape and top notch camping.

IMG_20140918_174913.jpg IMG_20140918_175015.jpg IMG_20140918_175027.jpg IMG_20140918_184426.jpg IMG_20140919_100717.jpg IMG_20140919_100736-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20140919_114920.jpg IMG_20140919_161022.jpg IMG_20140919_161047.jpg IMG_20140919_161128.jpg IMG_20140919_162224.jpg IMG_20140920_105615-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20140920_105707.jpg IMG_20140920_110206.jpg IMG_20140920_110822.jpg IMG_20140920_111227.jpg IMG_20140920_111348.jpg IMG_20140920_111532.jpg IMG_20140920_111649.jpg IMG_20140920_112553.jpg IMG_20140920_112908.jpg IMG_20140920_114300.jpg IMG_20140920_114554.jpg IMG_20140920_161634.jpg