Endless summer in Florida

Florida is really starting to grow on me. Originally, I just came here to visit my folks but the more time I spend here, the more I realize how diverse and fun it can be. Especially for families. Abundant wildlife, great camping, amazing beaches and unbelievable playgrounds. We have been taking advantage of the latter and visiting different ones almost daily. We’ve been the beach, spray park, we swim almost every day and even went for a ride on a miniature, gas powered train. And that’s all just within a 5 mile radius of my parents place. We also went on a road trip to Saint Augustine, on the north eastern part of Florida and camped for a few nights.

It seems there’s a glitch in the matrix with posting photos through WordPress right now. others are having a similar issue. So for now I will post links to my Google + Photos until the problem is resolved. Click here to see pics