Dinosaurs, roar!

Drumheller, Alberta is such a cool spot. A tad chilly for tenting in September, but amazing scenery nonetheless. The kids had a blast here. They went crazy over the World’s biggest dinosaur. We were able to climb a whole lot of stairs to get to the top and look out! The kids were also   excited about the dinosaur spray park. With the temps in the high 20’s it was a great way to spend the afternoon,

IMG_20140915_161719.jpg IMG_20140915_161749.jpg IMG_20140915_163544.jpg IMG_20140915_164155.jpg IMG_20140915_164534.jpg IMG_20140915_183812.jpg IMG_20140915_183819.jpg IMG_20140915_183830.jpg IMG_20140916_090510.jpg

 This was our first camping of the trip. What we’ve learned: our 3 man tent is short on space. The four of us all had a rubbish sleep. As you can see from the last photo which depicts Xavier who fell asleep in my lap before he even had a bite of his breakfast. Despite trying to be minimalistic, an upgrade is needed!

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