Crescent City, California

Crescent City was meant to be a brief stopover as we waited for a new tent to arrive from Amazon.Com. We didn’t get the tent but we did have a fun time in this border city. We explored the beaches for hours, we took a beautiful drive through a Redwood Forest (unfortunately Xavier slept through it all) and we visited a surprisingly good local aquarium. We pet leopard sharks and had a private seal & sea lion show! Aside from the almost break-in at our hotel room (see post), we enjoyed our time in Crescent City.

IMG_20140925_100638.jpg IMG_20140925_102810:nopm:.jpg IMG_20140925_110036:nopm:.jpg IMG_20140925_110108.jpg IMG_20140925_165745.jpg IMG_20140925_165858.jpg IMG_20140926_101754.jpg IMG_20140926_103532.jpg IMG_20140926_104049.jpg IMG_20140926_104111.jpg IMG_20140926_104458.jpg IMG_20140926_105000.jpg IMG_20140926_105446.jpg IMG_20140926_105609.jpg IMG_20140926_105813.jpg IMG_20140926_110440.jpg IMG_20140926_124242.jpg IMG_20140926_124356.jpg IMG_20140926_124654.jpg IMG_20140926_125001.jpg IMG_20140926_125721.jpg IMG_20140926_151425.jpg IMG_20140926_171333.jpg IMG_20140926_171611.jpg

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