Californian Desert

Not too many photos, but a couple of cool ones that I wanted to share. And it’s a wrap for our time in Cali. We left the coast on Friday (sadly) and headed inland in the direction of Vegas. We have a business conference here this week so leaving the coast was inevitable. The first day we drove about 4 hours from Santa Cruz, east and south, to the Sequoia National Forest. You would expect there to be lots of trees, well I did anyway; mostly there were mountains made out of rocks and lots and lots of Joshua trees which were really awesome in and of itself.

We stayed at a creepy, desolate KOA in a place called Lake Isabella on Friday evening. It was a little like something you would see out of a horror movie. In fact, we were supposed to stay 2 nights but after the first night we moved on to Barstow. I am being a little dramatic and it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the night in Kalispell with the truck idling by the tent for half an hour. The KOA did have a cool little playground for the kids and an old, restored firetruck that Taio enjoyed. It was bloody hot during the day and got down to near freezing at night. So strange. But that’s the desert apparently. Barstow was equally unexciting but it was merely a stopping point as we headed for Vegas. We’ll be staying for a week in our luxury condo. Not so minimalist, although we did get a super sweet deal. There are 4 pools including a kids pool/spray park so we could probably just stay poolside all week and the kids would be happy!

IMG_20141004_081012.jpg IMG_20141004_081030.jpg IMG_20141004_081036.jpg IMG_20141004_081101.jpg IMG_20141004_081144.jpg IMG_20141004_093056.jpg IMG_20141004_093134.jpg

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