California Coast

Northern California introduced us to KOA Kampsites! I discussed this my last post, but these amazing kampgrounds are perfect for families and providing hours of fun for all ages. The playgrounds are outstanding and the pools rival those found at high end hotels. Incredibly, some of  these places also have petting zoos, bouncing pillows,and even train rides.

Between Eureka and Manchester Beach we drove down the famous Avenue of the Giants. It is a 31 mile drive through the Redwoods that is quite similar to the drive we took near Crescent City. But I  just can’t get over how unbelievably huge these magnificent trees are, so we took another spin through the forests. Unfortunately, I  fell prey to a tourist trap at the Drive-thru tree. We didn’t attempt to drive through the tree as it seemed that it would be a tight fit. We did however watch a Nissan Tundra inch its way through (photo below).

After Avenue of the Giants, we cut over to the coast to highway 1 and over the course of a few days have made our way down to Santa Cruz County. This has been my favorite place thus far with its stunning beaches and immaculate accommodations. Not to mention, our new tent! Yesterday while we were playing at the beach we saw dolphins swimming among the surfers and a school of whales. The weather has been awesome too, sunny and over 30 degrees (sorry to rub it in my Canadian friends).

IMG_20140927_161150.jpg IMG_20140928_123608.jpg IMG_20140928_123813.jpg IMG_20140928_125600.jpg IMG_20140928_130053.jpg IMG_20140928_130143.jpg IMG_20140928_130157.jpg IMG_20140928_130256.jpg IMG_20140928_130358.jpg IMG_20140928_130659.jpg IMG_20140928_152318.jpg IMG_20140928_220823.jpg IMG_20140929_134851.jpg IMG_20140929_150209-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20140929_161255.jpg IMG_20140929_161439.jpg IMG_20140929_161551.jpg IMG_20140929_183000.jpg IMG_20140929_183034.jpg IMG_20140930_144936.jpg IMG_20140930_175506.jpg IMG_20140930_180204.jpg IMG_20140930_180248.jpg IMG_20140930_182044.jpg IMG_20140930_201755.jpg IMG_20141001_103627.jpg IMG_20141001_104351.jpg IMG_20141001_132805-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20141002_092323.jpg IMG_20141002_100956.jpg IMG_20141002_101119.jpg IMG_20141002_101712-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20141002_101717-EFFECTS.jpg


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