Arizona and New Mexico

Our trip across these parts was brief. First off, it was kinda chilly! Secondly, there’s not a whole lot going on in most of the northern parts. But what we did see and do was great. Like most things on this trip, we have found adventure and fun wherever we are. The Grand Canyon was amazing, see pics below for true effect. We spent an afternoon playing at the park in Flagstaff, AZ. The kids and I built a giant nest, as per Taio’s request, which explains the random photo of Taio with a pile of needles and brush. We spent a few days in Albuquerque NM exploring the Old Town and visiting the Balloon Museum. All alien photos were taken in Roswell, New Mexico which is an odd little town. A couple of shots of our campsite in Carlsbad- forever known for its terrible stench. And the last set of pictures are from the Living Desert and Zoo State Park, also in Carlsbad. We’ve moved on to Texas which reminds me a lot of Alberta, so we’re feeling at home here.

IMG_20141013_100555.jpg IMG_20141013_102130.jpg IMG_20141013_102201.jpg IMG_20141013_102249.jpg IMG_20141013_102452.jpg IMG_20141013_102535.jpg IMG_20141013_102603.jpg IMG_20141013_103020-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20141013_103034.jpg IMG_20141013_131340.jpg IMG_20141013_142956.jpg IMG_20141014_153819.jpg IMG_20141014_154445.jpg IMG_20141014_161430.jpg IMG_20141014_161631.jpg IMG_20141014_161737.jpg IMG_20141014_161749.jpg IMG_20141014_161911.jpg IMG_20141015_101645.jpg IMG_20141015_101712.jpg IMG_20141015_101951.jpg IMG_20141015_102050.jpg IMG_20141015_102112.jpg IMG_20141015_102410.jpg IMG_20141015_104913.jpg IMG_20141015_104958.jpg IMG_20141015_105049.jpg IMG_20141015_110222.jpg IMG_20141015_161537.jpg IMG_20141015_161546.jpg IMG_20141015_161910.jpg IMG_20141015_180123.jpg IMG_20141015_181351.jpg IMG_20141016_102338.jpg IMG_20141016_105139.jpg IMG_20141016_111924.jpg

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