A day in the Life

Every day is a new adventure! Afternoons spent at the beach, visiting the local hotel to use their pool, Saturday morning Farmers Market, Sunday morning Family Singing Circle at Bienestar Yoga Studio.

I am trying to incorporate more arts & craps (as Taio used to call it) for a well-rounded experience for the ninos! Since we only have a supermarket in town, with limited supplies, i am having to get creative myself to provide said experience. Homemade playdough & paint and building towers out of cups and popsicle sticks. We are truly embracing this developing world authentic living! It’s a little less third world with our spray guns and playing with the hose. The locals must be appalled by our water usage; however they may be happy to learn the water is actually well water so we’re not being as wasteful. Besides, our lawn looks fantastic!

Also, note my sweet new ride, basket and all! Our neighbour, Sugar builds and repairs bicycles and gave me a good deal on this beauty. It sure makes my trips into town more enjoyable and efficient. Yesterday I had to go to the bank so I rode in along the highway but came back along a path that parallels the ocean. I also went for an early morning spin this week along the same path. I stopped to do some yoga on the beach before returning home to have breakfast with the kids. I love my life!!

2015-03-04.jpg IMG_20150304_153857041.jpg IMG_20150304_154031493.jpg IMG_20150304_161811351.jpg IMG_20150304_161821437.jpg IMG_20150304_161824989.jpg IMG_20150304_162808042.jpg IMG_20150304_163128.jpg IMG_20150306_091504426.jpg IMG_20150306_091516618.jpg IMG_20150306_091527467.jpg IMG_20150306_091716605.jpg IMG_20150306_092444534.jpg IMG_20150306_092453033.jpg IMG_20150306_092619920.jpg IMG_20150306_092622819.jpg IMG_20150306_183518.jpg IMG_20150306_183616.jpg IMG_20150307_095615005.jpg IMG_20150307_095622823-MIX.jpg IMG_20150307_095622823.jpg IMG_20150307_095630000.jpg IMG_20150307_095642684_HDR.jpg IMG_20150307_095700979.jpg IMG_20150307_100620911.jpg IMG_20150307_100640794.jpg IMG_20150308_151957825.jpg IMG_20150308_152012044_HDR.jpg IMG_20150308_152019979.jpg IMG_20150309_113959547_HDR.jpg IMG_20150309_114010369.jpg IMG_20150309_114014916.jpg IMG_20150309_114031925_HDR.jpg IMG_20150309_114109790.jpg IMG_20150311_152821281_HDR.jpg IMG_20150311_153123029.jpg IMG_20150311_153450664.jpg IMG_20150311_153503032.jpg IMG_20150311_153735710.jpg IMG_20150311_154810428_HDR-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20150311_154826851_HDR.jpg IMG_20150311_154835632_HDR.jpg IMG_20150311_154846742_HDR.jpg IMG_20150311_155032609.jpg IMG_20150311_155040437_HDR.jpg IMG_20150311_155059390_HDR.jpg IMG_20150311_162601178.jpg IMG_20150311_165512711.jpg IMG_20150311_165528854.jpg IMG_20150311_165558034.jpg IMG_20150311_165604739.jpg