• Resurfacing in the first world

    Hello from sunny Florida! It has been a while since I’ve last written (again!). Sorry about that! I’m beginning to think I have Florida-induced writing hiatus; the last time I turned up here I didn’t write for nearly 3 months! We’ve been in Florida for about 5 weeks now; though we are preparing to return to Costa Rica next week. (more…)

  • Gringos living in a Tico style House

    This week I thought I would give you a tour of the house we’re staying in and discuss some of the idiosyncracies of Costa Rican living. I’ll show you around our place, describe a few things and throw in some interesting tidbits of information (you may or may not want to know!). (more…)

  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

    Yesterday marked two months since we arrived in Costa Rica. So far my insect encounters have been acceptable. Which means I haven’t seen many in my house. This week also was the first time we experienced rain in this country. We are, after all, in the dry season. After three consecutive nights of light rain, I have to admit I am now a bit nervous to see what the rainy season shall bring. There seems to be a direct correlation between rain and increased insect presence! It is like they are all trying to get out of the wetness as well. (more…)

  • A day in the life

    One of the greatest things about being where we are (besides the stunning scenery, deliciously fresh produce and friendly neighbours) is that regardless of our same surroundings, no two days are alike. Walks on the beach can vary based on the tides and the time of day.  The day after my last post, I made the trek to the Whales Tail. It’s about a 6km round trip providing phenomenal views of both the ocean and coastline. It was also scorching hot which is why my initial ambitious run turned into a more therapeutic walk! Clinton and I have since walked to the Whales tail two other times and would like to make it a regular part of the routine. (more…)

  • Pura Vida, Costa Rica

    Hola amigos!

    Can you tell that my Spanish is progressing?  I am learning- not as quickly as I’d like- but the effort is there and I am able to practice most days; so I’m sure soon enough I will be able to have a decent conversation. I am managing with the present tense verbs. But ask me to use these same verbs in past or future tense and I’m fumbling all over. I guess it is a good reminder to stay present in the moment and live each day right here, right now! Google Translate is proving to be an excellent tool and one that I use often. In addition, I am using Rosetta Stone,  Synergy Spanish and when I take walks to the grocery store (about 20 minutes each way) I listen to Spanish lessons on my phone. As you can see I am bombarding myself through a variety of methods. Immersion is still the best way so I try to practice as much as I can with the locals. They are patient and forgiving as I stumble to form sentences and to get across what it is I am trying to say. One of my Spanish lessons told me to be bold and not worry about making mistakes. I have completely embraced that philosophy! (more…)

  • New place, new friends

    After a week in Uvita, we left the coast and headed somewhat inland to the small town of Miramar where our friend Jasona lives. I was excited to see what she’s been up to, witness the work she’s been doing with her place and to see Shakti again. I had an inkling that Taio and Shakti would get on well. I was right! Shakti is an incredibly loving, spirited 5 year old sweetheart. We all enjoyed our time with this darling. The kids played so well together, exploring the property, digging, “doing work” and  splashing in our make shift sprinkler. (more…)

  • Big Bamboo, Uvita

    After four great nights at El Toucan Hostel in Uvita, we moved  just around the corner to Big Bamboo  for our last two nights in Uvita. While it didn’t have the same chill vibe atmosphere as the hostel, Big Bamboo offered more modern, more spacious accommodations. They also made very delicious batidos (fruit smoothies) so the kids approved! (more…)

  • Adventures in Bananaland

    Well, it has been a long time! Too long, indeed. I’m stunned by how quick the last few months have gone by. We had a great time in Florida and settled in rather nicely for more than 2 months! While we mainly spent our time at my parents place in Clearwater, we did get an opportunity to explore more of the state. We did a camping trip down the western side to Naples and Sanibel Island- famous for endless sea shells. We went on a road trip to Miami Beach to catch up with a friend who was visiting from Fort Saskatchewan. And my Mom, the kids and I even went to Disney World for a day! (more…)

  • The eagles (Wasylishen’s) have landed!

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. –Seneca

    I couldn’t tell you exactly what I expected when I planned a stop in Alabama. What I discovered was an incredible, surprising part of the world. Did you know there were soft, sandy beaches stretching for miles and miles in Southern Alabama? (more…)

  • Grand Canyon and beyond!

    “Go on with a spirit that fears nothing” -Homer

    This week marked one month since we officially began our journey. We have covered a lot of ground, literally. So far we’ve seen, visited, camped and passed through 9 states, travelling over 3000 miles! I have really come to appreciate the sheer vastness of this country. I thought Canada had a lot of open space. America definitely rivals our country in expansiveness as well as beauty and diversity. (more…)