Big Bamboo, Uvita

After four great nights at El Toucan Hostel in Uvita, we moved  just around the corner to Big Bamboo  for our last two nights in Uvita. While it didn’t have the same chill vibe atmosphere as the hostel, Big Bamboo offered more modern, more spacious accommodations. They also made very delicious batidos (fruit smoothies) so the kids approved!

Saturday morning we went to the local Farmers Market. There were a few locals selling fruit and produce but mostly it comprised of gringos (white people) selling their over-priced, organic products! Having said that, I spent a small fortune on some natural bug bite balm as the kids were covered in bites. Turns out it was a fantastic product that heals the bites in less than a day. It also doubles as insect repellent which is helpful. Saturday afternoon we meandered down the road to a hotel called Suenos Tranquillos (Tranquil Dreams) to utilize their pool for a small fee. It was a welcomed, refreshing experience to beat the heat. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my phone with me and so have no photographic evidence of this experience!

Sunday we went to the beach, Playa Hermosa, a beautiful beach about 5 minutes from Uvita. It is a common experience to find locals selling fresh, cold coconut juice on the beach. We have yet to get one so far but the kids have discovered that the empty coconuts make excellent receptacles for filling with sand and leaves and other beach treasures. Who needs sand toys when you have coconut shells and sticks. They were occupied for over an hour with those raw materials!

On Sunday evening, our last night in Uvita we got together for dinner with Jeremy, Tina and their friends, Uncle Steve of course. We went to a local Soda (restaurant) to celebrate Clinton’s birthday which was the following day. Jeremy even made a very elaborate, very delicious upside down chocolate mango cake!

All in all we had a wonderful time in Uvita spending time with friends, going to the beach and eating the local food. A lifestyle we could all get used to I reckon!!

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