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  • Resurfacing in the first world

    Hello from sunny Florida! It has been a while since I’ve last written (again!). Sorry about that! I’m beginning to think I have Florida-induced writing hiatus; the last time I turned up here I didn’t write for nearly 3 months! We’ve been in Florida for about 5 weeks now; though we are preparing to return to Costa Rica next week. (more…)

  • Gringos living in a Tico style House

    This week I thought I would give you a tour of the house we’re staying in and discuss some of the idiosyncracies of Costa Rican living. I’ll show you around our place, describe a few things and throw in some interesting tidbits of information (you may or may not want to know!). (more…)

  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

    Yesterday marked two months since we arrived in Costa Rica. So far my insect encounters have been acceptable. Which means I haven’t seen many in my house. This week also was the first time we experienced rain in this country. We are, after all, in the dry season. After three consecutive nights of light rain, I have to admit I am now a bit nervous to see what the rainy season shall bring. There seems to be a direct correlation between rain and increased insect presence! It is like they are all trying to get out of the wetness as well. (more…)

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